April 2019 Show debut for our little ones!

Dogshow Maubeuge  FRANCE 2019, Katia (kw) Best of Breed, our little boy Choque (kw) BOS!

Dogshow Bale  CROATIA 2019, Rushka Res BOS & Jils BOB and BIG 3!

March 2019, Xylon uit ‘t Voortse Huys aka Robin CRUFTS 2019 BOB!

So proud!! At the Crufts 2019, The Worlds greatest Dog Show, Robin (Xylon uit ‘t Voortse Huys) won Best of Breed out of 148 miniature wires entered!

Robin is owned and loved by Peggy Guttierez-Otero.





Feb 2019, New boy at Voortse Huys kennel.

Choque, kaninchen wirehair


Cover Christmas edition Nederlandse Teckel Club

Ted, our kaninchen smooth male


Int Eurodogshow Kortrijk, November 2017

Xing Xing uit ‘t Voortse Huys mw, Exc 2nd in Junior Class

Show debut for our new girl “Rita” kw, BOS

Icing on the cake Itaian Topolino at Voortse Huys kw, BOB and 3th Group placement.

With this result he obtains the tittle Belgium Champion!

Int Dogshow Rijnland 2017

Italian Topolino (KW) finished his Dutch Championship and his Int. Show Champion title (several CACIB in 5 different countries).

Super proud of my little boy

CH. Italian Topolino at Voortse Huys, JW’15, NJK’16, JWUT ’16, BISS’16, IT. Ch, WW ’16, EW ’16 & CIE!

Februay 2017

Puppy/Junior Club Show

First time out for our “babies” and they did fantastic!

Xylon uit 't Voortse Huys (4 months) BIS puppy!!!

And his sister Xing Xing uit 't Voortse Huys, super handled by Djanna, res BIS!!

Out of 80 entried puppies!


Int Dogshow Eindhoven 2017

BISS Energy Elegance Cayenne JW’16 1st Youth class and BOS.

By this result she obtained the title Dutch Junior Champion

Kerstshow Gorinchem 2016

BISS Energy Elegance Cayenne, JW’16 1st Youth Class, BOS & BOB!

Winnershow Amsterdam 2016

BISS Energy Elegence Cayenne obtained the title Junior Winster!


Gracias uit ‘t Voortse Huys & Italian Topolino at Voortse Huys  CLUB WINNER 2016

Gracias uit ‘t Voortse Huys Croatian Champion

Italian Topolino at Voortse Huys Zagreb Winner

16 October 2016

Regio Dachshund Specialty Show

Energy Elegance Unique Cayenne (KW) first time out ....

Best in Show!!

Judges: F. Naassens, T. Viets & L. Quartel


Djanna behaalde met Cayenne een mooie 3 plaats bij de Junior Handling!

28 August 2016 Bruxelles European Dogshow 2016

The italian Star shines on!

Italian Topolino NJK’15 JW’15, JWUT’16, It Ch, It CW’16, WW’16


BeNeLux Winner Belgium’16

24 June 2016 World Winner Moscow June 2016

Een big success for my Italian star!

Italian Topolino NJK’15 JW’15, JWUT’16, It Ch, It CW’16



Dachshund Specialty NL 5 May 2016

We had a marvelous day!

Ch Gracias uit 't Voortse Huys (MW) NJK'13 JLux '13 WUTJ '14 Ch BE Ch IEC

BOB / Clubwinner/ Best Own Breeding in show.

On top of all BEST IN SHOW!!!


Kie-Ke-Boe uit 't Voortse Huys (MW) Res CAC

Ch. Italian Topolino NJK '15 JW'15 It. CW '16 (KW) Res CAC

Judge Wil Hochstenbach (MW & KW)

IDS Brabo Show Antwerpen 17 April 2016

Italian Topolino BOB/Brabo Winner, BIG and BIS 4!!!!

Judge Mr A. Zeppi (IT) [breed & Group]

Judge Mrs M. Vanherle-Stevens (BE) [BIS]

Italian Adventure March 2016

Italian Topolino NJK''15 JW'15 JWUT '15 (KW)


Judge Nolene Rule-Steele (AUS)

Reggio Emmilia IDS (Dachshund Specialty) CAC/CACIB, BOS, CRUFTS Qualified 2017

Judge Martina König (AT)


Judge Gianfranco Bauchap (I) [Breed]

Judge Luigi Gaboardi (I) [Group 4]

National Riva del Garda Bolzano CAC, BOB

Robert Akopiyan (RU)

National Riva del Garda Trento CAC, BOB

Judge La Rocca Fabrizio (I)

Campionato Sociale ABC Montichiari CAC, Club Champion, BOB and Best in Show!!!

Judge Axel Komorowski (D) [k/w & BIS]

Montichiari IDS CAC/CACIB, BOB, BIG3

Judge Texeira Luis Pinto(P) [Breed]

Judge Ludmila Fintorova (SL) [Group 4]

Back in Holland, proud and pleased with my little Italian



BEST IN SHOW ITALIAN Dachshund National 2016

Big thanks to all the judges who thought so highly of Italian Topolino and ofcourse many many thanks to his marvelous breeders Valentina Barcella and Roberto Bellini. Without their devotion it was impossible

VooDoo Doll Vitoraz

Campionato Sociale ABC Montichiari Excl 2nd Junior Class

Judge Elisabeth Rhodin (S)

Montichiari IDS  Excl 3th Junior Class

Judge Ludmilla Fintorova (SL)


Int. Dogshow Brussel December 2015

Italian Topolino BOB and obtained the title BeNeLux Youth Winner and Winner Belgium ’15 and again Crufts Qualification!

Judge M. Wieremiejczyk (PL)


Amsterdam Winner December 2015

We had a lovely weekend in Amsterdam with Roberto and Valentina, the breeders of Topolino.

Valentina and Topolino were a super team in the ring. Italian Topolino obtained the title Youth Winner and Crufts Qualification!

Judge J. Sloot (NL)

Int. Dogshow Bleiswijk

Italian Topolino did a super job! He got Best of Breed en Best in Group 2!!

With this result he placed himself for Showdog of the Year and obtained the title Dutch Youth Champion!

Judge V. Veiga (PT)

World Dogshow Milano 2015

We had a super time at the WDS Milano 2015 🇮🇹

Gracias uit 't Voortse Huys (MW) 2nd excl. out of 10 entries in open class

Go for it uit 't Voortse Huys (MW) 4th excl. out of 11 entries in open class

I'm very proud they did so well in this hard competition.

Italian Topolino at Voortse Huys (KW)

Puppy Hope World Winner 2015!!



Int Dogshow Arnhem 24 May 2015

Go For it uit ‘t Voortse Huys (MW) 1st place Open Class , CAC/CACIB BOS

Int Dogshow Antwerpen 18 April 2015

Go for it uit ‘t Voortse Huys (MW) 1st place Open Class, CAC/CACIB BOS

Int. Martini Dogshow BENELUX WINNER ’15

Go for it uit ‘t Voortse Huys (MW), 1st place Open Class

Swissking Loving Annabelle NJK ’15 (KS)

Best Junior - BENELUX Junior Winner ’15 NL

BOS- BENELUX Winner ’15 NL

BOB en BIG 3!!


Int Dogshow Zagreb 21/22/23 November 2014

Gracias uit 't Voortse Huys MW

CAC, CACIB, Zagreb Winner 2014 & BOB, Judge Julija Vukusic (HR)

CAC, Judge Marko Lepasaar (EST)
Res. CAC, judge Vladimir Piskay (SK)

Swissking Loving Annabelle KS, JBOB & BOB

Judge Marko Lepasaar (EST)

1 & 2 November 2014

Int Dogshow Bleiswijk 1 Nov, judge Elly Weijenborg

Swissking Loving Annabelle, RCAC

Int Dogshow Bleiswijk 2 Nov, judge B. Lundgren (SE)

Swissking Loving Annabelle, JCAC, BOS, BOB and BIG 2!

5 October 2014

Int Dogshow Zwolle / Hanzeshow, judge Lex Quartel (NL)

Swissking Loving Annabelle, JCAC, BOS, BOB and BIG 3!

31 August 2014

Int. Dogshow Luxemburg 2014, judge Luigi Corna (IT)

Gracias uit ‘t Voortse Huys Benelux Winner 2014 Lux, CACL, CACIB and BOS!

24 August 2014

Int Dogshow Mechelen, België, judge Carina Swijsen (B)

Gracias uit ‘t Voortse Huys CAC, CACIB and BOS!

17 July  2014

Int Dogshow Liège, België, judge Ina Malecka (PL)

Gracias uit ‘t Voortse Huys CAC, CACIB and BOB!

25 May 2014

Int Dogshow De Baronië, Tilburg, judge Jos Roberts (NL)

Gracias uit ‘t Voortse Huys CAC, CACIB, BOB and on top of all BIG 1

13 April 2014

She did it again, my little star!

Gracias uit ‘t Voortse Huys

Int. Dogshow Brabo Antwerpen, judge C. Delmar (IE)

Brabo Junior Winner, BOS, BOB Brabo Winner ’14 en BIG 3

So proud of Gracias, just 15 months: Amsterdam Youth Winner, Dutch Youth Champion,

Luxemburg Youth Champion and Brabo Youth Winner, 4 times BOB, BIG 1 and BIG 3!!

28 March 2014

Int. Dogshow Luxemburg

Gracias uit ‘t Voortse Huys Lux. Youth Champion, BOS.

With this result she is Crufts qualified 2015!!

1 March 2014

Gracias uit ‘t Voortse Huys Int. Dogshow Groningen, judge Jan Blom (NL)


So proud of my own breed girl, just 13 months and so successful in the showring

In 4 shows 2 tittles, NJK ’13 & Youth Winster ’13,and 3x BOB!

8 February 2014

First dogshow of 2014 was a great success!

Gracias uit ‘t Voortse Huys 1st Junior Class JCAC

Cyberdachs Mini Unkas 1st Junior Class, JCAC and CAC!

Magik Rainbow Gloria 1st Junior Class, BOS and BOB!

15 December 2013

Great show weekend in Amsterdam!

One Day Show Amsterdam 13 december

Gracias uit ‘t Voortse Huys JCAC, BOS, BOB!

Winnershow Amsterdam 2013

Teckelberry’s Erin 1st Intermediar Class, CACIB

Alpheratz Guanche 1st Champion Class

Gracias uit ‘t Voortse Huys JCAC, Res CAC, JEUGDWINSTER and Best Youth Dog!

I’m so happy with these beautiful results!

Gracias is in just 3 shows Netherlands Youth Champion 2013, twice BOB and JEUGDWINSTER 2013!!

2 November 2013

So proud, my first own bred Miniature Wirehair, Gracias uit 't Voortse Huys.

Descendant of Alpehartz Guanche x Filippa vom Altsiedlerhof.

Int. Dogshow Bleiswijk NL, first show JCAC, CAC & BOB!

24 March 2013

Int Dogshow Leiden 2013

Int. Dogshow Groningen 2013 Teckelberry’s Erin 1ste place Youth Class, BOS en BOB

3nd place Group 4!

Alpheratz Guanche 1st place Champions class.


2 March 2013

Int. Dogshow Groningen 2013 Teckelberry’s Erin 1ste place Youth Class, BOS en BOB

2nd place Group 4!

Only 12 months old and Youth Winner Dogshow Amsterdam, Dutch Youth Champion and already enough points for the Dutch Champion title.


1 February 2013

Teckelberry’s Erin was first in the Youth Class and BOS today at the Dogshow in Eindhoven.

With this result she became Dutch Youth Champion in just 3 shows!!

I’m very proud of my little girl.

25 November 2012, Winner Amsterdam

Teckelberry’s Erin became Junior Winster at the Winner Amsterdam.

And also Best Junior dog

Alpheratz Guanche 2 place Champion class and Res BOS.

Gamit van de Mibaf’s Hoeve  3 Excellent Champion Class.